• Filmography

    Unaware at Home (SFX)

    Release Date: 9/16

    Roma's ex-boyfriend was shrunk and forgotten in her apartment. Now he has to get her attention...or die trying.

    (Unaware/POV/SFX/Body Explore/Unaware Foot Crush)

    The Waking Goddess (SFX)

    Release Date: 10/16

    Roma's tiny men escaped their jar again. Watch in Roma's First Feature as the tiny men frantically escape as Roma awakens earlier than they all anticipated. 

    (SFX, Unaware Foot Crush, POV, Unaware Buttcrush, Vore, Boot Crush)

    Roma Plays with Her Prey (SFX)

    Release Date: 11/16

    Rumor has it that the answer to the shrunken men's problems lie in Roma's belly ring. The challenge is reaching it...Will they survive?

    (SFX. Vore, Throat Crush, Unaware Foot Crush, Butt Crush, POV)

    A Gentle Touch (SFX)

    Release Date: 1/17

    Roma finds her favorite little tiny and gives him the pleasure of exploring her body, finishing it off with a nice foot massage.

    (SFX, Body Explore)

    Roma Abuses Her Tinies (SFX)

    Release Date: 1/17

    Roma returns home from a hard day. She's moody. She's tired. She doesn't want to see anyone...well, anyone normal size. She uses her prized little men she's kept captive in a little black box to relieve the tension and stresses of the day. She is not always merciful to her toys. 

    (SFX, Nylon Crush, Foot Crush, Vore, Heel Crush Unaware)

    Roma's Hotel Massacre (SFX)

    Release Date: 2/17

    Rumor has it there is a haunted room at Hotel Carrillo. Room 207. Guests are shrunken down to minuscule size, or so they say. Checking-in, Giantess Roma has no idea what tiny little surprises lie ahead. As for the trapped shrunken guests...Good Luck.  

    (SFX, Boob Play, Foot Crush, POV, Shower Spies, Toe Play, Butt Crush)


    WonderRoma (SFX)

    Release Date: 3/17

    WonderRoma has captured some unlucky criminals. As she struggles to remain "righteous" toward her vile prisoners, these villains do what they can to survive. 

    (SFX, Foot Crush, Butt Crush, Shrinking, Self Pleasure, Bath, Foot Massage, 3inch vore)

    The Tiny Green Men (SFX)

    Release Date: 3/17

    In an enchanted forest far, far away live some very tiny, very LUCKY green men. Rumor has it, if you can find and collect just a few of them, you will gain lots of luck and fortune. Giantess Roma has ventured to this forest to do just that. Unfortunately, though, many of them are much too small for Roma to see...and only the green ones are lucky. Those little ones that aren't green will most likely just end up to be little stains on the bottom of her soles.  

    (SFX, Hand Crush, Foot Crush, Heel Crush, Unaware, POV)

    Lost in Roma's Apartment (SFX)

    Release Date: 3/17

    Roma's neighbor, her ex-boyfriend, and her plummer were all shrunken down to size in her apartment for her amusement. When they were "misplaced," it became a struggle to not be crushed from this unaware Goddess while they desperately try to get her attention...But what will happen once you have her attention?

    (SFX, Unaware, Tiny Masterbation, Boob Crush, Accidental Toe Crush, Foot Crush, Body Explore, Gentle) 

    Roma's Killer Work-Out (SFX)

    Release Date: 4/17

    Roma was tired of being hassled at the gym. Sleezy guys with even sleezier pick-up lines. Can't a girl just work-out in peace? Tired of these annoying men, she shrunk them. Now she can enjoy her work-outs - distraction free. 

    (SFX, Shoe Crush, In-Shoe, Butt Crush, Foot Crush)

    Roma's Small-Town Domination (SFX)

    Release Date: 4/17

    Roma's first ever feature in the GROWTH genre.  Brandy is a small-town girl, aching to escape. The people in the town think of her as just a dumb townie...but when a strange visitor from the sky appears...Brandy begins to GROW. It is now time to exact her revenge on the town she's GROWN to hate. 

    (SFX, Unaware Foot Crush, Foot Crush, Hand Crush, Butt Crush, Grow)

    Roma's Hotel Massacre Part 2 (SFX)

    Release Date: 5/13/2017

    You were told not to stay in room 207...but you were never warned about room 908. On a night quite like any other, a dozen little tourists found themselves trapped in a luxury haunted hotel room. Watch what happens when Giantess Roma checks in and all the poor little people check out.

    Wrath of the Forest Goddess (SFX)

    Release Date: 5/31/17

    Second in the Growth Genre. People of society are cruel, selfish and completely inconsiderate of Mother Nature. When the people of a nearby forest village ruin their water supply...they go to the fabled Forest Goddess for help. When they find her, it isn't help they receive...but Her mighty Wrath.    

    The Waking Step-Mom (SFX)

    Release Date: 6/21/17

    Roma, trophy wife and Step-Mom to her husband's son wakes up to an empty house. Or so she thinks. Curious about the night before, when her step-son had his friends over for a big sleep-over, she wanders the house wondering where everyone had gone. She wished for the house all to herself, today...Her wish has been granted.

    This is the second edition of the "Waking" Unaware Series. 

    Netflix and Crush (SFX)

    Release Date: 7/11/17

    Before heading to work Roma promises that one of her lucky little slaves will be her "date" when she returns home. Who will it be? The 1 inch tall ones? The ant-sized ones? While she enjoys her date with this lucky man, the others perish beneath her massive soles. 


    Roma's Science Experiment SFX (Vol. 1)

    Release Date: 8/3/2017 

    Dr. Roma is in the middle of conducting vital experiments that could change the world as we know it - The shrinking of human test subjects in search of genetic evolutions. But what happens when the Scientist abuses her power and the experiments on her hepless test subjects go too far? 

    (SFX, Micro, Vore, Foot Crush, Heel Crush, POV, Buttcrush)

    Roma's Beach City Rampage (SFX)

    Release Date: 9/2017

    The little inhabitants of Malibu Beach City have been living in peace with Giantess Roma for quite some time now; Keeping their Goddess happy with their weekly sacrifices. But a new leader emerged, and vowed to not only cut Her offerings but slay the Giantess, ensuring their everlasting safety. Will they be successful, or suffer Her merciless wrath? 

    (SFX, Unaware foot crush, Unaware buttcrush, POV, Foot Crush, Vore, Micro, 1inch, Building Crush, Hand Crush, Body Exploration)

    The Dating Game SFX

    Release Date: 9/2017

    Release Date: 9/2017

     A handful of lucky little bachelors will get their chance to compete for Roma's love. The object of the game is to find the antidote to return them back to normal size. The winner gets to date Roma. The loser gets eliminated. Sound fun? 

    Run! My Step-Daughter Doesn't See Us! (SFX)

    Release Date: 10/21/2017

    fter hosting a fun night with his co-workers, Dillon and the rest of his friends found themselves in a small predicament. They've all mysteriously shrunk down to minuscule sizes. Without escape, and scattered around the house, they wait for their savior. Dillon's Step-Daughter, who is due home at any moment. She's the only one who can help him and his friends, now...but will she even see them, or will they be mistaken for little bugs? 

    The Witch's Revenge (SFX)

    Release Date: Halloween 2017

    Jonny's disgruntled, resentful ex pays him a visit during a Halloween party he's hosting. She has aquired quite a special costume with an extra special wand: The Power to Shrink a living being. She uses it on her ex and his friends...she isn't in the most "merciful" mood.

    Battle:Giantess District One


    It's a battle of Titans as the city compound of District One is under attack...by none other than Rexa, Destroyer of Cities. District One, with their latest weapon, a genetically-engineered Giantess, Adele 3000, hopes to fight off the evil Goddess and save their planet from it's impending doom.

    This is the first instalment of the "Battle: Giantess" Roma's new "Growth" series.